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Printing on Nonwovens

Printing advertisements on Pervin/Perlan, to be used on a variety of medicines or medical preparations, or printing Pervin/Perlan with the logos of medical supply distributors, medicine manufacturers or a particular healthcare institution has become a highly effective marketing tool. The demand for this type of advertising has been growing constantly for years. The most frequent orders are for pillows and sheets for patients on examination tables or hospital wards. Printed Pervin/Perlan can either be packed as standard (as with unprinted Pervin/Perlan) for the client to resell to healthcare institutions as part of its normal business activities, or it can be packed into advertising packs of 5, 10 or 20 items, which the distributors’ sales representatives or medicine manufacturers can hand out to healthcare staff as freebies on their visits. The printed advertisement is then always on view to the patients and staff of healthcare institutions. The printed logo can stand normal washing in automatic washing machines. All materials and colours used conform to the strictest health standards. Pervin/Perlan is certified for direct contact with the skin.

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