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Engineering filtration

To meet the needs of engineering applications, we produce filters in bands (rolls) and sheets (square, rectangle) for filtering cutting/coolant emulsions and other liquids soiled during metalworking. Band and sheet filters are designed for the fine filtration of cutting/cooling liquids. The efficiency of the filter depends on the type of filtration textile used. Our roll filters are made from the proven nonwovens Fiché 45, Fiché 60, Fiché 80, Lakta 70, Lakta 130, Pervin/Perlan 23, Pervin/Perlan 30, Pervin/Perlan 35, Pervin/Perlan 45, Pervin/Perlan 55, and Pervin/Perlan 70. Nonwoven textiles represent the most efficient and cost-effective filtration method.


Roll filters are produced in rolls in widths from 200mm to 1900mm, in lengths as specified by the customer from 100 to 300 metres. Sheet filters are produced in sizes from 200x200mm to 1900x6000mm.We always modify the filters to suit the individual requirements of the customer, especially in terms of filtration speed and efficiency.


The following companies use our filters:


Alstom s.r.o.

Siemens a.s.

Vítkovice a.s.

Žďas a.s.

ZKL Brno a.s.

Preciosa a.s.

Tedom Motory s.r.o.

Rieter CZ a.s.

Motor Jikov a.s.

Erwin Junker a.s.

Jihlavan a.s.

Thevia s.r.o.

Centropen a.s.

Pramet Tools s.r.o.

Motorpal a.s.

Pankl Automotive

Monteferro a.s.

KBA Grafitec s.r.o.

Knorr-Bremse s.r.o.

Toyoda Gosei Czech s.r.o.


Tos Varnsdorf a.s.

TOS a.s.


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