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Milk filtration

Our milk filters are made from the proven Czech materials of Lakta 70, Lakta 140, Pervin/Perlan 45, and Neotex 35g. Milk filters protect the quality of the milk. Our modern range of filters prevents impurities from coming into contact with the milk, coolers or cooling tanks. All our products are certified for applications in the food industry; they also represent the optimum combination of price, high flow capacity, and high cleanliness of the filtered milk.


We produce filters for all types of milking equipment of both domestic and international origin, e.g.  Paco, Miele, Fullwood, Westfalia, Melotte, Delaval, Agrostroj Pelhřimov, Baumatic, Manus, etc. Our range covers both catchment filtration and pressure filtration (filter sleeves).