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Technical parameters of Pervin/Perlan nonwoven textiles:

In recent times, nonwoven textiles have been replacing classic textiles in all areas of life that place an emphasis on hygiene and ease of environmentally-friendly disposal. The main advantages of Pervin/Perlan nonwoven textiles are:


  • high utility value
  • low price
  • hygiene
  • pleasant to the touch
  • strength and scratch resistance
  • outstanding absorbency (approximately 10 times its own weight)
  • when used for filtration, high flow capacity and cleanliness of output medium


Pervin/Perlan can be found in many aspects of our lives. It is used in healthcare as pillows and sheets for patients (in permeable and impermeable form), wipes, bibs, etc., in agriculture and the food industry for filtering milk, oil, wine and other foods, for burial services as an ecological lining for coffins and graves, in engineering for filtering coolant and cutting emulsions, and in the construction industry as a roof underlay component. The nature of the product makes it suitable as packaging material for goods which must be kept free of dust and protected from scratching and other damage when handled (such as plastic parts for the automotive industry), as well as for various types of transport packaging and dividers, photographic backdrops, etc.


Pervin/Perlan nonwoven textiles are made as a standard from 100% viscose (pure natural raw material), in weights from 23g/m2 to 80g/m2. In this weight bracket (from 23g/m2 to 80g/m2) the viscose can be combined with polyester to suit the customer’s requirements; the maximum content of polyester, however, may not exceed 70%.  It can be produced in rolls 10 to 190 cm wide. The build depends on the weight and what is required by the customer - in lengths from 100 to 2000 m.


In sheet form (squares, rectangles, triangles, etc.) Pervin/Perlan is supplied in sizes from a minimum of 10 x 10cm to a maximum area of 190 x 600 cm. If non-standard dimensions are required, our pressing machines can trim the Pervin/Perlan to suit any customer requirements. However, none of the sides of the final product may be larger than 60 cm. Round shapes can be cut from a diameter of 1 cm to 60 cm.


The basic colour of Pervin/Perlan is grey, although if required the material can be optically brightened (snow-white) or can be produced in different colours – red, yellow, green, blue, black, etc. We also specialise in highly resistant, multicoloured printed Pervin/Perlan, e.g. for promotional tablecloths, and pillows as well as sheets for patients in healthcare institutions, promotional placemats in restaurants, and others. The printed logo can stand normal washing in automatic washing machines. All materials and colours used conform to the strictest health regulations. Pervin/Perlan is certified for direct contact with food and the skin.



Pervin/Perlan WP: As part of the healthcare and packaging materials programme, is also made with a thin layer of white laminate on the underside.


This special type of Pervin/Perlan can be produced up to a maximum weight of 45g/m2. 15g of the subsequent weight consists of the laminate, which is firmly attached to the Pervin/Perlan. This version of Pervin/Perlan is based on the classic Pervin/Perlan, with a thin 15g laminate coating on the underside, acting like a semi-permeable membrane which prevents liquid from passing through in one direction, yet is breathable in the other. This thin layer of laminate ensures that any liquid coming into contact with Pervin/Perlan WP is trapped in the absorbent part. From the underside the laminate layer is air-permeable, meaning that the material retains the features of the classic Pervin/Perlan. The laminate used in Pervin/Perlan WP nonwoven textiles is soft, pliant, non-slip, does not rustle and is pleasant to the touch. To make it easier to distinguish Pervin/Perlan WP from classic Pervin/Perlan, Pervin/Perlan WP is an attractive green colour on the top side. The laminate is also certified for contact with the skin.